International Building Materials Comprehensive Port of New Silk Road

About IBMP

The International Building Materials Comprehensive PortNew Silk Road is under the national strategic policy  of "One Belt & One Road” and “China Pakistan Economic Corridor” , and created and managed as the whole building materials industry chain platform by St.Fulin Group and Dafeng Port Government , in order to deal with rich marble and other raw building materials resources from Pakistan side and Inventory pressure from China side.

New Mode

IBMP,  from China's point of view —— combined with Intelligent control storage,international shipping logistics and “equation logistics management system”, intent to create a new international trade term ; from Pakistan’s point of view —— combined with“ whole ecological industry chain ”, cross-border Internet of things, and RMB settlement platform, intent to improve the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry through industrial transfer.


IBMP integrated good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations.

Days covering ready to come out of the natural resources to solve the industrial transfer demands of the situation, where an extension of the geography, stone processing base, 3 km from the port to the processing zone; and, along the southeast coast of the huge market, rich experience of Italy production technology.