Pakistan Business Center (PBC)

New bridge between China and Islamic world

Pakistan Business Center (hereinafter referred to as PBC) is a new mode trade platform, which is operated by St. Fulin Group Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as St. Fulin) and Shengze government of Suzhou city, and it is a global free trade platform between China and Pakistan.

PBC is planning to become a financial and trade‘aircraft carrier’ between China and the Islamic world, by setting Pakistan commodity exhibition, China products output, row material commodity trade, e-commerce, logistics, consulting, financial support, investment and other economic activities together. PBC will be the Pakistan's corporate headquarters cluster, international commodity trading center, Chinese Industrial Park, international financial and trade center and the RMB clearing center

The establishment of PBC will become a milestone in the history of bilateral trade and the relation between China and Pakistan. The development of PBC shall be involved into two parts, which will introduce as below.

About PBC

PBC program intends to be the trade bridge between China and Pakistan in order to respond the program of ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ (CPEC).

Not only we set up the "aircraft carrier" ——PBC in China, but also we intends to create the Chinese Friendship Industrial Park (CFIP) in Pakistan with Pakistan government together.

In addition, St Fulin promises all the Islamic enterprises, PBC will implement permanent free rent policy! 


Description of PBC

Pakistan Business Center in China will locate in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province, and will be divided into: Large commercial exhibition hall, administrative offices cluster, and art communication places, etc.

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Ⅰ.Commercial exhibition hall (product display for Pakistan enterprises):

a. Handicrafts and furniture area:Pakistan's traditional crafts have a worldwide reputation and also have superior competitiveness in the Chinese market. This area will become the key area in the first period.

b. Leather and textile area: As one of Pakistan's most dominant industry, companies in this field should pay attention to the differential with China local goods.

c. Jewelry area:since Pakistan has exquisite jewelry technology and natural resources, this area will focus on creating characteristic and high-quality goods.

d. Specialty food area: Islamic countries have many kinds of style food, such as beef, cheese and sweets, so this area will focus on becoming the platform of the food trade between China and Pakistan.

e. Comprehensive area: Pakistan also has excellent enterprises and products in other areas, this area will focus on providing stage for the companies have new type of products.

. Islamic merchants’ religious activity venues

Pakistan is a Muslim country, PBC will provide them venues that can accommodate 100 people (outdoor plaza or roof of the building), for their legal religious activities.

. Multimedia conference room

PBC is a bridge between China and Pakistan and even the entire Islamic world and it’s a bridge for trading and communication. So there will be Multi-functional conference hall for news release and all kinds of communication activities.

.PBC management institutions

St. Fulin Group will set up office spaces for each department according to the forecast planning. St. Fulin Group will provide a full range services for Pakistan companies, including management, consulting, planning, promotion, finance, exhibition, electronic information, logistics and warehousing. At the same time, St. Fulin Group will set up a Procurement Center to provide convenience for Pakistani enterprises and an Investment Promotion Center, in order to attract investment for Pakistan projects. St. Fulin Group will provide the most advanced consulting management system, and reveal the national policy and marketing information timely.

. PBC art and culture communication center

PBC will build an art and culture communication center for the cultural communication between China and Islamic countries.

Basic policy

A. Only 100 quotas for Pakistan Enterprises

B. Free rent to Registered Pakistan Company

C. Green custom Channel for import and export goods

D. Tax reduction to Registered Pakistan Company in the first year

E. Basic investment principles

1) The company must belong to the categories given by PBC.

2) The leading enterprises and star enterprises have priority.

3) Female businesswomen have priority.

4) The company must accept unified management, unified configuration services and unified monitoring.

5) Abide by the shortest period.

6) We will eliminate a Mismanagement company.

Applying process

Join PBC program, pls. kindly follow the below steps, meanwhile St. Fulin Group& Shengze Government will provide one stop service in every procedure.

Step 1  Apply to St. Fulin Group via mail: 

Pls. provide your basic information as below:

Company Name

Contact Method

Brief Introduction

Business Scope

Investment Volume

Applying purpose


Step 2  Sign the contract of joining in PBC program

Step 3  Prepare registered documents & choose office

Step 4  Office decoration & purchase official furniture & facilities

Step 5  Start to run business