Sino Pak International Logistics Complex

Sino Pak International Logistics Complex (hereinafter referred to as Complex)in Taxkorgan County is a new mode international logistics service platform, which is planned,invested,and managed by St. Fulin Group Co., Ltd. (HK) and St.Fulin team.

Taxkorgan County St. Donglin Trade Development Co. Ltd is the main management and investment subject for this project.

Complex consisted of three parts: Sino Pak International Logistics Park, China and Pakistan cross-border e-commerce and RMB settlement center.

Complex projects is using the new logistics service concept to contribute to “China Pakistan Economic Corridor " under "The Belt and Road" strategy ,which is combined with cross-border e-commerce technology,“Multi-dimension” logistics management ,Internet of things technology ,big data analysis, and other high-end technologies.

Complex will advance land borne trade between China and Pakistan into intelligent logistics,convenient logistics,and diversified services system.Complex will change the trade situation between China and Pakistan from  maritime trade to land borne trade,which will shorten the trade cycle, reduce intermediate links and reduce transaction costs , and will eventually expand bilateral trade to promote the construction and operation of the "China Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

Complex covers 153 acres, is located in the China Pakistan border——the single gate between China and Pakistan—— Khunjerab. Complex is the unique option for road transport , it’s not only the last and the first station for “China Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

China and Pakistan International Logistics Complex will invest 3 billion yuan.By 2020, land borne trade volume through Complex is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan for the first time,with 90% online trading and  80% RMB settlement.Complex will create 5000 job opportunities, become a national service platform and RMB settlement base.Complex will bring more than 300 million yuan consumption from tourism, catering, accommodation shopping and other business for Taxkorgan County.